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The Elephant Collection

Release date: November 6, 2023
Published by Armor Games Studios
Developed by Wonderful Elephant x The-EXP
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The ultimate decalogy of unabashedly quirky and wonderful elephant games is coming soon to PC platforms. The Elephant Collection is a remastering of ten video games featuring the little Blue Elephant and his epic metagame adventures.These games represent a timespan of ~5 years of finding my own voice, identity, and independence, both in games and in my own life. These games are authentically my own and I’m very proud of how we’ve preserved and presented them here.


  • Elephant Rave

  • Achievement Unlocked

  • This is the Only Level

  • Run Elephant Run

  • This is the Only Level 2

  • Achievement Unlocked 2

  • This is the Only Level 3

  • Elephant Quest

  • Achievement Unlocked 3

Out now on PC and Browser platforms

Elephant Rave 2

The rave goes on! 14 years after his first rave, the elephant has returned for monumental challenge: avoiding very, very deadly beams of light



My name is John Cooney (he/him) and Wonderful Elephant is my label for games.Beginning in 2004 I’ve created and published over a 100 games across a billion+ gameplays on the web in the height of the Flash Game renaissance, additionally publishing dozens of indies titles with teams across PC and console at Armor Games (where I was formally CEO) and Kongregate (where I lead their premium games initiative).I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Technocultural Studies from the University of California, Davis in 2007. During this period I started my first company, JMTB02 Studios, which self-developed and published games and animations. Many of my games went under the label "jmtb02." In 2017 I rebranded to Wonderful Elephant.John have cats named Poppy and Bulldozer.

Wonderful Elephant / jmtb02 Studios 
The Elephant Collection2023*
Elephant rave 22023
Ball Revamped 42006
Four Second Fury2006
Dark Cut2006
+many others 

Armor Games

As the first hired employee, I helped accelerate Armor Games to become one of the top gaming sites on the internet, leading internal dev as Head of Game Development. At Armor Games I uniquely directed and published over 50 titles in 6 years. I left Armor Games in 2012 to work at Kongregate, returned in 2019 to lead biz dev and became Chief Executive Officer in 2021. I left Armor Games in July 2023.

Armor games 
Elephant Quest2011
Exit Path2021
Epic Combo2010
Treadmillasaurus Rex2010
Corporation Inc2010
This is the Only Level2009
Achievement Unlocked2008
Hedgehog launch2008
+many others 


From 2012 to 2019 I worked on mobile, PC, console, and web games at Konregate, focusing on helping indies and small teams get their games off the ground. In 2015 I helped established the Launchpad program, an incubator for prototyping in a time when prototypes (especially for indie devs) were not funded or supported. In 2017 I helped establish Kongregate's PC and console publishing business, and delivered the Flash Games Postmortem at GDC (Game Developers Conference).

Curl Up and fly2014
Super Duck Punch2012
+ Many others 

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